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  1. 0 I would be interested in hearing how RN Case Managers are paid at most Home Health Companies in Minnesota.

    How does this compare with your company? No need to name the company, but knowing if the income is mainly from MA or Medicare etc. might be helpful.

    Company X pays Case Managers 1.33 hours of pay per visit. 2 hours of pay per admission. No extra pay for miles or recerts, office time doing 485s, orders etc.

    Does your company structure their pay differently? How about other companies you may know about? I am trying to get a sense of what is the most common way that CM pay is done. This company wants to keep turnover to a minimum, and this feedback may be helpful for them.

    Thanks, Pooksmom
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    The ones that I have known have been salaried.
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    How many visits per week do they need in order to get health benefits?

    Thanks, Pooksmom

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