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Finding CNA Job

  1. 0 Hey Minnesota Nurses! I'm wondering if any of you are aware of CNA jobs out there? I currently have my CNA license, but it's been difficult finding a job. I'm looking for something on-call/casual. Thanks to anyone that replies! :heartbeat
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    Cari001, would you be comfortable doing Home Health, or being a PCA for a single person? Check out for our area. There are usually A LOT of postings. Also, consider assisted living facilities as well. I recently got a position as a resident assistant at a very small assisted living residential home; I found it on craigslist!

    I don't know for sure if these places are hiring, but I often see Presbyterian Homes and Golden Living on and

    Good luck!
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    PS--One place that comes to mind, too, is Sunrise Assisted Living. Google 'em, and you should find their website. A girl that used to work at my place recently took a job there.
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    Crystal Care, home care too

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