Courses at Normandale

  1. 0 Hi - Has anyone taken the online Nutrition course or the Lifespan course offered at Normandale?
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    No, But I would venture to guess that the instruction is quite good. I took chem and nutrition both at Normandale cc. The classes were both accepted by MSU-Mankato for the Accelerated program...
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    No, but I'm registering for one or the other next semester!
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    I would also recommend taking Nutrition on-line through Normandale. I took Human Growth through there and it was a piece of cake. Has anyone taken Chem II or Organic Chem through Normandale? As anyone taken Phsiology through them as well??
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    Toots, I can't PM yet, not enough posts. I don't know anything about any of the profs yet, I'm just starting out at Normandale in January.
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