Childcare question for Mayo and other Rochester nurses

  1. Hello everyone. I have an interview with Mayo soon, I was wondering what the childcare situation in Rochester is like? It will likely be just my 3 year old son and I moving up there if I am hired. What do you nurses do with kids when working 7am to 7pm? Does Mayo have a child care center?
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  3. by   hopebewild
    mayo has sick child care and back up child care. they do not have full time regular childcare available. the sick child care is unlimited and free and back up is i think 5 times a year and really cheap.

    the daycare centers around here seem to be your standard m-f days but there are alot of home run licensed centers (seen on craigslist so not verified) that have flexible hours incl. weekends and nights.

    best of luck on your interview! mayo is a great place to work