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Career programs for Student Nurses?

  1. 0 Hi All,
    I'm not sure if i'll make a lot of sense here.....
    But i'm wondering about programs/opportunities for students in an ADN program. I have heard of an opportunity through the VA where they allow students in their 2nd year of nursing school come in and work.....but i was wondering if there are other programs as well?

    I have an entire summer between my program semesters and i want to make the most of it and capitalize on any opportunities in the metro area! Thank you so much for your advice/feedback!

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    Its called the student nurse technician program. See:

    SNT-4 is designed for any student who has completed a one year clinical rotation in a nursing program. The SNT-4 functions with the unit team and can perform some treatments. Requirements include letters of recommendation from two clinical instructors and official transcripts. Once selected for the position, you will be required to complete a medical examination and would receive further scheduling instructions. The orientation program is one full week of training 7:30-4:00. (SNT-4 Position Description pdf)

    CAREERS: Nursing Career Center - Minneapolis VA Medical Center

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