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    Hi all, I just moved to Minnesota from a state that doesn't have a nursing union. I was just wondering if I have to be a union member before I'd be considered for union jobs that I'm applying to or if I can join during the interview/hiring process. It really seems like a cart/horse thing to me. If I'm working, I can afford the dues, lol; If I join, I can work?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!!

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    I don't work at a union hospital, but know those who do You get a job, then join the union. You can also work at a non-union hospital - there are many in the state. The MNA represents only (about) 25% of nurses in Minnesota... Home | Minnesota Nurses Association
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    Hi, I work at a union hospital and like [COLOR=#003366]mom2cka[/COLOR] mentioned, after you get hired you join the union. I work at a care center and at a hospital that has a nursing union. The union is very good, they advocate for nurses and there are union representatives working within the hospital if you feel you need to be supported in issues such as payment, assignment, positions, etc. We are MNA, I really don't know what other unions are out there. Good luck

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