Any Allina Nurses out there?

  1. I currently work for Health Partners- as an LPN in a clinic and am going back for my RN staring in June (Century, LPN-RN program) and I'm having a heck of a time finding urgent care jobs within HP (because my current clinic hours aren't going to work with school etc...)

    Now. Working at HP I have insanely good (in my opinion) health insurance. I'm just wondering if any of you folks who may work for an Allina clinic/hospital can say the same. I see some UC openings at a couple of Allina clinics and have applied to them and I just want to feel this out.

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  3. by   PedsRN-07
    I work for Allina and I do buy insurance from them. They currently switched to HP insurance this Jan and I have the basic plan package. I would say that they have pretty good insurance, usually preventative appts like physicals and well baby checks and covered at 100%, while inpatient care are covered at 90% if you use an ALLINA facility. I pay about $66 every 2 weeks for my daughter and I. They have 2 other plans that are more expensive but you dont need to go to and ALLINA facility, you can always call the human resourse line and they should have more info about it.. Good luck!