Any advice to get a job with Allina?

  1. 0 Hi. I will be graduating from nursing school this week. I really want to work at Mercy Hospital because it's very close to my house. I currently have a job there in Patient Registration and have applied to the New Grad Program. It is so frustrating that they haven't called yet. I try to email them questions and I get very generic responses back. Anyone have any advice on how to get an RN position there as a new grad?
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    what i've done... and i think its ok to do is call them ask to speak to whom ever does the hiring for your position and say to that person "my name is so & so.. and i sent my resume ect.. via e-mail/online and i wasnt sure it went thru.. that opens the door for you do get your name across their desk and look at your file.. theres nothing wrong with calling & confirming your resume is there, right?
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