Anoka Tech College

  1. 0 I was just wondering if anyone is going there for the LPN program?
    I plan to go there!!!
    I wont be starting there untill August 2008 although! Because i need to take my CPR & CNA classes before i can get in!
    But just wondering if anyone plans on going here? Or is going here?
    I talked to one girl..she told me its pretty stressful. But very worth every penny!!!
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    I dont know exactly but a friend of mine graduated from there about 2 years ago and said it was stressful (too be expected) but that they have a good program. so you are in safe hands.:spin:
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    I went there because I thought that it would get me into the RN program faster at A.R. but I applied for the BSN program at Minnesota school of bussiness and got in right away so I droped out of the LPN program ant anoka tech. Dont go there test out process really is well organized. And why go for a LPN degree when the LPN's are not able to work in the hospital and are become depleted go for your R.N why waste all that money for a low degree.

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