"Not selected in accordance with union contract"???

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    I had applied online for 2 different positions at The U of M Fairview and got the message "Not selected in accordance with union contract" under the status. I have never seen that before it usually just says "not selected". Has any one else had this message and/or know what it means?? I have sent HR 2 e mails and called and left a message asking what it means with them but they won't get back to me. Thanks!

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    Just a guess. It probably means that a qualified internal applicant who was in danger of layoff d/t RIF was able to claim the job to prevent layoff.
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    Thanks for your response! Still waiting to hear back from HR...
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    Yes-you were right! HR just called and that is what they told me. Thanks!
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    Hi, Did you get a job at Fairview? Do you have any tips? I am a international nurse, I just passed my NCLEX-RN and I would love to work at Fairview, so if you have any tips I would love to hear them!

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