WISDOM needed from vet SICU RN's WISDOM needed from vet SICU RN's | allnurses

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WISDOM needed from vet SICU RN's

  1. 0 Hi there, I have been contemplating applying for a position in our SICU and want to know from seasoned collegues what I could expect to be doing. I have been working ambulatory clinic positions for a while with patient care of the stable and unstable client.
    The hospital that I work for has an excellent 6 week critical care program and then I imagine you have a preceptor. What is the average amount of time one would be precepted?
    I am 40 years old and am concerned about what I can expect physically. Enlighten me. Am I being overly concerned?
    What are some of the pros and cons of the job?
    How many of you had or have a fear of a patient going bad on you? How do you handle these situations? Also, how do you become accustomed to codes. These are some of my fears and I don't want fear to hold me back. I would like to live my life with out regrets.
    I look forward to your advice