Starting my preceptorship in the SICU soon... Need some tips!

  1. Hi all! I am in my final semester of nursing school (yay!) and will be doing a preceptorship in the SICU at a local hospital (this hospital has a SICU, MICU, CVICU and a NICU). I was hoping some of you would be able to shed some light on some resources to use to help me (no ICU experience AT ALL... I currently work as an PCNA on an ortho floor) and information on the types of patients I will be taking care of, common medications seen on a SICU and maybe some assessment information. I am really nervous and just want to be as prepared as I can be for when I start with my preceptor. Thanks!!
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  3. by   ICUChillin
    Check out lots of helpfull articles for new nurses in the ICU...