PCT in SICU- soon to be new grad! Wanting a RN position

  1. So I've been a patient care tech in SICU for 2.5 years, and graduate with my ADN in December. The RNs I work with are super helpful, answer any questions I have, and include me in basic procedures when possible. We have an 18 bed unit and receive a huge variety of patients. Lots of head bleeds, DKA, resp arrest, substance overdose, etc. I love critical care and enjoy learning from my coworkers. My question is how can I maximize my learning potential, which questions should I be asking, etc? ANY helpful tips at all would be much appreciated. Hoping that at the end of this, my manager will consider me for employment. Thanks!
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  3. by   NPOaftermidnight
    If you haven't already, I would suggest making sure the manager knows that you're interested in an RN position there and then ask him/her these same questions.
  4. by   LifesAJourney
    Have a talk with your manager. Since you have been with that unit, they already see what an assest you are to them! I know many techs hired into a nurse position on the floor/unit they currently work on.