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  1. 0 Hello! I am a new grad starting orientation in a level 1 trauma MICU. I know I have to learn a lot but does anyone have any tips on what I should focus on? Thanks!
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    Great have a HUGE learning curve ahead of you. Be patient and be kind to yourself.
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    Thank you!
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    The previous poster said it all. Be prepared to feel overwhelmed at times. It happens. Be honest with your preceptor about how you are feeling, and if you need to take things more slowly, make sure to tell them. Try not to get frustrated. You will get feedback, and some people aren't always nice about it, but always thank them and use their criticism to make yourself a better nurse. Good luck!!
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    Hi BeautifulDisaster-- I'm a recent grad (August '13) and began my orientation in the MICU of a L1 trauma center last October so I'm still new, too. As said before, it can be very overwhelming coming into this setting fresh out of school but take each and every opportunity as a learning experience. Ask tons of questions, do your best to develop a routine for yourself once you feel comfortable, listen in on rounds and study disease processes. Learning doesn't stop once you graduate. Read journal articles and become a member of a professional association-- they offer tons of free CEUs and EBP that helps us daily. Feel out the nurses in your unit that you feel you can trust-- as far as experience and clinical knowledge go-- and use them as a resource. Jump in to help anywhere you can-- be it a code, a rapid, or just turning and cleaning a coworker's pt. And above all, remember why you became a nurse and what drew you to this profession. There are some really hard days in nursing and you might often feel defeated as a new nurse. It gets better and easier. Good luck to you <3
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    Hey there BeautifulDisaster! I Graduated in December of 2012, started as a new grad in Level 1 Trauma MICU last February. Been there a year now. I second every work bmendi said. Also... if at all possible, take ACLS class as soon as humanly possible. Seriously!!!!
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    Hi BeautifulDisaster! I don't have any advice to offer, since I am a new grad about to start in the MICU also, but I just wanted to say hi and wish you luck! Excited to start on this journey also!

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