more about repositioning the patient with anxiety....

  1. When repositioning the patient, he/she has extreme anxiety, is hyperventilating, and has an elevated blood pressure. However, the SpO2 does not drop. Regardless, the oxygen demand has increased... so wouldn't it make sense to preoxygenate even if the SpO2 does not drop?

    I'm thinking about the oxyhemoglobin saturation curve.... It's not until partial pressures of oxygen are around 60 that we start to notice changes in SpO2.... So even if SpO2 has not dropped, it is possible that PaO2 has. Giving a little extra oxygen would prevent the body from having to work extra hard? Does this make any sense or am I overthinking it?

    P.S. I can't give extra pain meds before turning as he/she is titrated to the max level.

    Thanks for the help
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