Job description for resume?

  1. Hello,

    I currently work in an ICU/CCU (as an RN)....we have 8 CCU and 8 ICU beds.

    Anyway....I'm trying to update my resume, and was wondering if anyone wanted to share some job duties. ie: "
    • Continously assesses patients to identify progress and trends that require interventions and/or reporting to physician."
    I know what I do at work (obviously)....but am having a really hard time putting it into words.

    Thanks for any help!
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  3. by   llg
    I don't think there is a need to elaborate on the responsibilities of a staff nurse. Anyone reviewing your resume will know what they are. I suggest something simple and general ... plus a brief description of the unit ... plus any "added" responsibilities you have assumed. If you served on any committees or worked on any special projects, I would list that in a separate section. Online applications might not have a section for such things, in which case I would add that information to your job description section.

    For example:

    Provided comprehensive nursing care to patient in a 16-bed CCU/ICU. Served as Charge Nurse and Preceptor on a regular basis for the past 3 years.
  4. by   marty6001
    I agree, simple is better. You can always elaborate in your cover letter or better yet in your interview.