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  1. I will be graduating in May and hope to work in ICU. There are 2 hospitals in my town. I have worked at hospital A for almost 3 yrs but I'm not completely satisfied w/my job. I am doing an intern on a medical ICU hoping that unit is better than the ones I've worked on before where no one likes their job. I recently had clinicals at the hospital B and loved it. All the nurses were really involved in their practice and loved their jobs. I applied for an intern and got hired on to a med surg floor since they were not hiring students into the ICUs (they do hire new grads). I feel conflicted between both hospitals. My first choice is the hospital B, but I feel conflicted that the ICU I'll be interning on is ultimately my second choice (being that I even get RN job offers at both). Has anyone else been in a similar position??

    Also, what are some ICU interview questions? I have heard the interview is ultimately how they decide who gets the job. I have a good resume and have been involved in committees at my nursing school, and have a 3.76 gpa (3.9 for nursing classes only) but I'm somewhat quiet. I've heard that being a quieter person can hurt my chances in interviews, regardless of gpa and resume. Is this true?
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