ICU Video Training?

  1. I think the best way to learn critical care would be through video demonstrations.Does anyone know any dvds that go over critical care procedures? I would like it to be in depth like I would like to see almost everything that's done in the ICU. Thanks
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  3. by   Sugarcoma
    I find a lot of video resources at the sites of the various manufacturers of equipment we use in my unit. We use many Edwards products and their website has some great videos, tutorials, pocket references, etc. I found a set up video for the chest tubes we use. I have found a number of videos on you tube. Central line insertion, art line, intubation, etc. They can be informative and give you a general idea of a procedure. You must use caution with you tube however because policies and procedures vary so much and also sometimes the information is outdated or incorrect. If you use them just to have a general idea of what occurs and make sure to follow up with your unit educator on your unit's specific policies, they can be helpful.
  4. by   megan.g.meyers
    You'd be shocked how many are on YouTube.