"Critical" iPhone app, anyone?

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    Good morning, everyone. I'm new to AllNurses. Just a bit about me: I'm 24, have been working as a CNA since 2006 in Med/Surg, ER, and most recently Surgical/Trauma ICU. I'm also a Nationally Registered EMT-Basic as of December of last year. I'm finishing the last of my pre-reqs for the ADN program, and hope to attend nursing school beginning in Spring '13.

    Anyways, cutting to the point of this post, I was browsing Twitter the other day and received a link for an iPhone app called Critical (or CriticalUSA). I was just wondering if any of y'all have used this app. What's it like? Is it useful?

    I don't currently have an iPhone, but I have a Droid and I've heard from the developers that they are in the process of creating the app for Android phones.
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