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    I know this topic has been covered a millions times, so here's one more. I'm a new grad starting a gn internship in micu/sicu next month (and both nervous and excited). it's a 6 month program and while I know they will prepare me well, I still want some extra resources.

    I looked through previous threads and ordered the icufaqs book, which is very helpful. However, I'm looking for a textbook-type book to supplement. Can anyone either suggest a good critical care textbook, or recommend a brick and mortar store with a large selection of critical care textbooks that I can actually look at before buying ( does Barnes and noble offer medical textbooks???)

    Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions!

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    My nursing school prof wrote "Understanding the Essentials of Critical Care Nursing" by Kathleen Perrin. I loved it i thought it was very easy to understand and it had a ton of case studies to help understand key points. Critical care made easy is another good resource.
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    yes many large bookstores carry medical books, nursing books, and test review books. You could always buy or check out a ccrn review book from the library. That was part of how I studied for the test. Many are very in depth. good luck
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    Hey there -

    I've been working ICU for a couple years now and one of the books I'm working through right now as a cornerstone to my studying for the CCRN certification is an actual textbook put out by the AACN. I'm sure there are more recent editions to this book in print now, but even this edition is quite relevant and helpful as an adjunct to help you grasp concepts.

    Anyhow, the book is called Advanced Critical Care Nursing. The ISBN is 978-1-4160-3219-9. It's about $80 on Amazon right now. But, it is very well worth the investment. There are chapters that will cover just about any and every critical care problem you may come to face while working in an ICU.

    Hope this helps,

    The ICU Dude
    St. Louis, MO
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    Thanks for the suggestions, I appreciate the help. I'll head to a local bookstore to take a look at some of your options.
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    The icufaq's also has a book.....they sell it on their site.
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    Thanks esme! I did purchase the icufaq book (which is awesome), but I was looking for an actual textbook to supplement and fill in some of the blanks) My friend sells rn textbooks, so I'm headed to her place this weekend to check out what she has before ordering.
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  11. 0, critical care made incredibly easy, essentials of critical care nursing..all great books
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    This isn't a nursing book, but I liked it better than all the critical care books I read. It covers lots of physiology that's relevant to icu work. Clinical Anesthesiology by Morgan/Mikhail/Murray

    Also check out and

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