Chest tube tubing

  1. Wow! I'm new to the ICU: 1.5 years in a MICU. We don't have a lot of chest tubes in my MICU. However, the practice in my ICU is to allow the excess tubing to dangle at bedside. I'm certain that I read that excess tubing should be neatly coiled in the bed, next to the patient. Allowing the tubing to dangle causes increased lung pressures and decreased drainage.

    What is the consensus? What is the best practice?
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  3. by   Propforall
    Your right. The increased pressure comes from fluid or air buildup. CT tubing should not be dependent because it will increase resistance, possibly creating a seal, and also, the drainage will not be able to flow upwards. I typically run in along my patients side and keep the collection device towards the foot of the bed. I usually end up with a small dependent loop, but I am watching output closely and making sure drainage doesn't backup.
  4. by   detroitdano
    ^ What he said. There's no reason to keep the collection device next to their chest if the tubing will run comfortably to the end of the bed.