WCCCD Pre/Co requisite suggested course load

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    English 1
    English 2
    HA&P 1
    HA&P 2
    Intro to Psychology (Completed via CLEP test which I passed today!)
    Intro to Nutrition
    Med Measurements&Math
    Lifespan Development
    American Development

    So these are all the pre/co requisites that are required in the program, I do plan to CLEP a few more of these classes but lets say I didn't, I'm wondering what would be a good balanced course load that wouldn't overwhelm me but also get them done as quickly as possible. Any suggestions?

    Also does anyone know if since I CLEP'd out of one of my prereqs will that hurt my GPA score to get into the program?
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    get the english and psy classes out the way

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