WCCC Nursing Program Hopeful

  1. Hello everyone. I am planning on applying to the nursing program for spring 2013. All of my prereqs &majority of my coreqs will be done by the end of next semester. I've been reading old threads & have picked up a lot. If anyone can help me out with any and all additional information, it would be very helpful. Such as info on the teas, deadlines, how to apply, what to expect, or any recent changes with getting into the program. I know I could just go up to the school, but sometimes that's easier said then done with WCC. Thus this is my first choice. Any insight is appreciated. Thanks
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  3. by   beestrng
    They give a a general information pack. I got my pack at Northwestern at the front desk. Then you can sign up for orientation on webgate where they go into details. I am going to sign up soon.
  4. by   MsShai
    Thanks. Are you trying to get in as well at the same time?
  5. by   beestrng
    I will be applying june 2012 with prereqs and some coreqs.
  6. by   MsShai
    Ok. Well hope to see you in the program