Use of recording devices at Lansing Community College

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    I am going to be starting the 2 year track nursing program at LCC in the spring and just wondered if anyone can tell me if they allow recorders in class during lectures? I am wanting to purchase an Echo Smartpen but I really don't see the point if I will not be allowed to use it.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Yes, you can record lectures at LCC.
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    Are you saying in general it is allowed or that you know for sure it is allowed in NURS 150 course?
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    In general it's allowed, lots of students use them. Good luck in the program!
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    Recording is usually a matter of getting permission from individual instructors. When I got my Smartpen, I didn't ask for permission, I just did not make it obvious that I was recording the lecture. As far as I know that particular instructor didn't care anyway. You are always wise to ask permission first.

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