Transferring to WayneCountyCC-Advice/Suggestions?

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    Hi everyone! I stumbled on this website and thought of joining after reading a few posts. I am a student at Schoolcraft College and wants to transfer my credits to Wayne County Community College. I have completed all my prerequisites for the nursing program. But I decided not to waste two years (or maybe a year) waiting when i could get in the same program, but in different school, finish it and start working as an RN.

    Anyway, I read that there's a 12 credits course requirement, for transfer students, that need to be taken at Wayne County CC to get in the program. Does that mean I have to re-take some courses that i already took and passed at Schoolcraft? I know besides the requirement 12 credit course taken at Wayne County CC, i also need to make the GPA cut off, pass the TEAS/NET and submit an essay. What is the cut off GPA for acceptance for this year? Do i miss any requirement? Any advice or suggestion would be appreciated.

    Thank you bunches in advance!

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