took the NCLEX today - when might I see a license number?

  1. I took my NCLEX today. The computer shutoff after the minimum number of questions and I got the good pop-up with the PVT. So, if I really did pass, when might I see my license number on the state website?
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  3. by   SmackerNurse
    After I got the good pop up for the PVT it took about 48 hours for my license number to show up on the state site. Some people seen their license number before the quick results so they didn't have to pay for the quick results from PV. Congratulations on passing!!! What a wonderful feeling it is! {+|)
  4. by   PNgradMommy
    My license number showed up today, so 4 business days after taking the test.
  5. by   MSUNurse4621
    What is PVT? Just wondering. I keep hearing a bunch of people who failed the exam. I took the Kaplan class and I feel as if it has helped. What did you think about the exam? Was it what you were expecting?