Are there any LTC facilities hiring LPN 's in Michigan

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    Hello Nurses, I am a new nurse (LPN) looking for a job in the Detroit area. Does anybody know any LTC facilities hiring new grads.
    Thanks in advance!!
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    Future nurse what school did you graduate from?
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    Quote from Sirena922
    Future nurse what school did you graduate from?
    I graduated from Ambria College of Nursing in Illinois!
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    Moved to MI Nursing for more response.
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    There are more part time positions out there than full time from what I can see. I am still looking for full time work. Have you had an interviews yet? I got hired part time at a LTC and am still on orientation but am hoping to be on my own soon.
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    Yes I did..I start on Nov 6th full time. Its afternoons but I won't complain.
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    Congratulations! You guys should try Riverview Rehab on E. Jefferson. In Detroit. I heard they were hiring.

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