The 150% rule and Henry Frod CC? The 150% rule and Henry Frod CC? | allnurses

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The 150% rule and Henry Frod CC?

  1. 0 Can anyone explain the financial aid 150% rule? I want to make sure I am understanding it. I will have reached my max credits during my first semester of aid in nursing school. Does this mean I am no longer eligible for aid after that? Has this happened to anyone at HFCC?
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    I think the rule is for those who have to take classes in addition to the pre and co-requisites, or for those who have to retake classes, and I think it may even be for those who decide to change their majors after taking classes toward another degree.

    150% rule ensures there are no students who make learning their career.

    Your best bet is to speak to speak to someone from financial aid because I could be totally wrong.