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    I am a new graduate nurse and I am lucky enough to have a fast approaching interview in the ER at St.John Medical Center. I was hoping to get a few tips on interview questions they are likely to ask and also on the general style of the interview. I really would love to have this job and want to nail the interview. Thank you very much!
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    What is compassionate nursing? Where do u see your self in 5 years? Why do u want to work in the ER? An unresponsive kid comes in, what do u do 1st? Tell me about a situation at your previous place of employment when u dealt w/ conflict, how did u resolve the situation? As a new grad, what scares u the most about nursing? An angry man is screaming at u, how would u handle this situation? These are questions I was asked for an ER position at Beaumont. Good luck!

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