Scope of Practice with holding meds in MI

  1. Is it out of the scope of practice in Michigan to hold a med without Dr's order that is not within parameters to give? I was told today I was in the wrong for holding Lantus on a Brittle Diabetic who has extremely labile blood sugars (and NPO) and has been known to drop below 50 several hours after receiving Lantus. What is the point of nursing judgment?
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  3. by   michiganmark_rn
    It is not out of our scope of practice. You did contact the doctor to inform him you were withholding the insulin though right? Nursing judgement is vital to protect your patient from harm, not as a method of usurping the doctor's decisions. The doctor should be informed so if he chooses to administer insulin on an NPO diabetic with a history of low blood sugars he can.
  4. by   4thGenNurse
    I did notify the doctor. I was having a hard time finding out why with scope of practice. Thank you for the clarification.
  5. by   michiganmark_rn
    Your actions very well may have saved that patient from a very unpleasant outcome.

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