Passed NCLEX RN and now looking for a job Passed NCLEX RN and now looking for a job | allnurses

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Passed NCLEX RN and now looking for a job

  1. 1 I passed my NCLEX RN on the second try on June 3rd and I am a December 2010 graduate of Oakland University with a BSN. I've been looking on local hospital websites daily and applying for positions that I could be hired for. I'm basically looking for a med surg position so I can get experience since I only have experience from clinicals. I did my preceptorship at St. John Macomb on a med surg/ortho unit. Any advice from other recent grads or nurses would be greatly appreciated. I really would like a job in my field soon so I can finally quit my retail job that I've had for the past 6 years! Thank you!
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    Make sure you update your applications/resume with your new RN status and license # if possible. Many places will not consider you until you pass, and it has only been 2 weeks so be patient! And network as much as possible.
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    Congrats I am just starting school, I am very excited it, I just
    finished my first class this spring, PSY100, I did great! so just think.....How far you come! Wow..I wish you the best so you can quit that dang gone retail job!