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  1. 0 Hi all, does anyone know how long the orientation is at Henry Ford Hospital and Botsford and what the starting pay is for grad nurses?
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    At Henry Ford ER downtown the orientation was approx 16-20wks, and when I started as a new grad in 2008 I started at 24.68/hr with $1.85 midnight differential and $2.00 wknd differential, and i'm pretty sure they haven't changed the pay scale since then..
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    Depends where you work at Henry Ford but on a med/surg type unit you get about 8 weeks orientation as a new grad. Pay starts at $25.31/hr plus shift differentials which I can never remember. I think its $2 for weekends and some percentage for afternoons and midnights.
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    I'm at Henry Ford West Bloomfield, and no we haven't changed the pay scale for shift premiums. They recently gave a small raise to everyone relevant on your position within the hospital, last year. Off hand I can't recall exactly how much.
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    Hi NerdyNursex3,

    I would like to ask you few questions regarding a position at Henry Ford West Bloomfield. Could you please email me at:


    Thank you very much in advance.
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    Sorry I didn't get back with you. What would you like to know?
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    Is there any tips with getting into Henry Ford Hospital? I have applied for numerous positions but get turned down because I am a new graduate. I know this is the hospital I want to work at! Any information would be very appreciated!