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    hello, I am opening this thread to talk to other Occ nursing applicants, applying in Dec. 2012. I have one semester left of my prereqs and will be taking some other supportive courses like med term and maybe pathopys. Im looking forward to my last year and can't wait to apply. Anyone take the math proficiency test? I havent yet.....

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    Hi. I am actually applying this December for 2012 but I just took the MPT a month ago. I actually failed the 1st time. I missed passing by 1 point. But I passed on the 2nd try. I am in my last semester of prereqs now and praying for 4.0s!
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    im so excited for you! Im sure if you have made it this far you will do great!
    I wish i could have applied this dec. I couldnt hack chem as an excellerated course tho. I am looking forward to next year.
    please post wen you find out you got in!

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