1. Hi, everyone! Do anyone know any places that hire new LPN's in Michigan? I took the nclex in January and I have applied to about 10 nursing homes so far, in areas such as Macomb County, Wayne County. Do you know any supervisors that will give me an interview? Thanks in advance! God bless you!
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  3. by   TiffanyRN!!
    It's been kind of tight lately when trying to just call or fax, but try riverview health and rehab at 18300 Warren ask for ------, and also the Samaritan nursing center need help, boulevard temple just about all the nursing homes on Detroit lol. Are you going in or faxing your resume. It's best to walk in anytime after 10 usually their done with morning meeting around that time and put in an app, you will get an interview on the spot. Good luck!
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  4. by   sheila0313
    I have done both, I just got some tips today on places that are hiring new nurses, so I'm going to apply tomorrow. Thank you, for the tips.