New grad moving to Grand Rapids...any tips on where to live?

  1. I am a recent graduate nurse and just got my first job at Spectrum Health (Blodgett)! I currently live on the east side of the state and will be relocating to Grand Rapids.

    I'm not familiar with the area at all. Does anyone have any tips on where to live, how much to expect to pay for rent, etc.

    Also any other helpful hints about the city or starting my job?

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  3. by   OnlyByHisGrace
    Will try to pm and give whatever infor you need.
  4. by   SleepyJulia
    Hi! I just accepted a new grad position with Spectrum as well... I don't think I can "personal message" anyone on this site yet because I'm a new member, but email me at!
  5. by   SweettartRN
    Easttown is reasonable, cheap, and close to downtown.

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