Mott CC vs MidMichigan CC?

  1. Hey there folks,

    I've read a whole bunch about the schools in Michigan. At least I've been able to rule Baker out.

    The schools I'm looking at to get my ADN are Mott Community College and MidMichigan Community College.

    Mott is a waitlist school from what I understand. I don't know much else.

    MidMich is on some sort of a points system. Their site says admittance is 70% based on pre-req GPA and the TEAS score. The other 30% is some how divided into three other categories. One of them being previously documented healthcare expericence. (Also previously earned degrees and number of credits taken at MMCC). I've worked direct care with CMH clients since 2007. The lady on the phone said that would help a lot in the admittance process.

    Anyway, for those of you who have experience with these schools, I'd appreciate any suggestions.

    I'm not even sure what to ask when I call. Obviously, the sooner I'm working as a nurse, the better. I'm starting from scratch with credits.

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  3. by   gypsy76
    I am also interested in MMCC. I have looked into Mott a little bit, only because of the wait list. I know that MMCC does go by a points system but don't know how competitive. I have all pre-reqs done and would be transferring from Baker. Good luck to you and let me know what you find out Oh yeah, and good job having passing on Baker!!