Michigan Board of Nursing to join NURSYS

  1. 0 [font=arial, helvetica]effective october 3, 2011 michigan's nursing licensure program utilizes nursysŪ electronic license verification system. michigan licensed rns and lpns who are applying for licensure in another state should contact nursys at www.nursys.com to have their michigan license verified. a fee will be charged for that verification. if you have questions about nursys, please contact them toll free at (866) 819-1700. if you hold a michigan rn license and a specialty license you must obtain your verification from the michigan board of nursing. see below for information on how to obtain written verification.

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    it's 30$ per state, I just did it to verify my FL license.
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    It would be nice if they would also join the nurse compact licensure also, but this is definitely a start.
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    I totally agree on the compact licensure issue, and say it is about time they joined Nursys, it makes license endorsement a lot easier.

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