LPN program in SE Michigan

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    I'm wondering about the best LPN programs in southeast Michigan. I heard of one from a friend who said there is no pre-reqs or waitlist and is one year long - but, I don't remember the name of the program! I don't think it was through a community college - I was just hoping someone might know what program I'm talking about (however, what I described is pretty vague, I know)

    Basically what I'm asking is - does anyone know of any year-long LPN programs without a wait-list in SE Michigan? I've researched tons of RN programs but am lost when it comes to LPN programs. Thanks!
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  3. by   msbac
    its called latoyas health, education, and treatment center in saginaw,mi and the website is LHETT CENTER Founded in Loving Memory of Latoya Haynes 1974