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    I am a recent graduate of nursing school, awaiting to take my licensing exam. In the meantime I am really hoping to get my foot into a door at a local hospital/clinic in the Northville/Anne Arbor area,in just about any available position that a person with a BSN in nursing is qualified for (CNA, tech, unit clerk etc). I did not attend nursing school in this state so I am not familiar with the hospitals/clinics in the area. If anyone has any advice on where to being looking, names of HR reps to contact, nurse managers to talk to, anything along those lines would be so greatly helpful. As a side note I would ideally love to get onto a NICU since that is where I did my whole last semester.

    Thanks and Happy Holidayz
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  3. by   SnowStar4
    Unless you have experience in those positions you are facing some tough competition- people are fighting for jobs in Michigan. Plus I am not sure anyone would hire you for one of those positions as they know you will be leaving asap when you pass your nclex.

    Pass your boards ASAP. Many hospitals in the area will not even interview until you pass.

    Look at University of Michigan, St. Joseph Mercy, The VA, Mott Childrens Hospital, and google Ann Arbor Hospitals.
  4. by   Agent T
    Are you trying to get a full time position, or willing to work per diem also?