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interview for a RN staff nurse position on Neuro ICU

  1. 0 I recently had an interview with the nurse manager on a Neuroscience ICU at the hospital of my dreams :-) I think it went fairly well but I am anxious to know if there are any clues to detect if I landed the job. I have been on many interviews as a LPN in nursing homes and usually I am offered the position right then. However, as a new RN in a hospital setting she stated that the hiring process is different. The HR reps usually will contact me. She did have me fill out a hard copy application. That gave me some hope. I guess I will just have to wait it out. The manager did make me aware that I would hear back from her by Tues of NEXT WEEK!:0 long time huh? I really want this job I know I could learn a lot on this unit! Fingers crossed!!!
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    Good Luck!
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    Sounds like the job I'm waiting to hear about! LOL my application is still "under review" though per their website. I hope having 1.5 years in neuro already will help... was it Henry Ford by chance?

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