Info on RN to BSN

  1. I have been trying to locate the criteria for local universities in eastern michigan that offer the RN to BSN programs. Does any one have information on the selective admissions for these programs? As in, are students selected by previous GPA or nursing GPA or ??

    Thanks for any info
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  3. by   ORoxyO
    your best bet is to call them and ask. you don't have to give them your name etc just ask. Check out oakland, msu, UMD
  4. by   student48220
    Thanks. I called two of the mentioned and they want me to come in to discuss it..
  5. by   IHeartPeds87
    I'm interested in getting the answers to the OP's questions as well!

    Student- it's weird and frustrating that they wouldn't answer that question over the phone! If/when you find out please post back I will do the same if I get any information regarding this.