How to apply for MI licensure if Canadian

  1. Hi, I am from Canada and would like to get my MI license. I have the application form, but have a few questions regarding the information asked. I would really appreciate anyone's help, as there are many Canadians working in Michigan. The form asks for a U.S. Social Security Number, which I do not have. Do I need to have one in order to apply? I didn't think so, therefore I am wondering what I would fill in for that section. Also, "School Code". My nursing school has a code, but I am sure it is unique to Ontario, and would not relate to American nursing schools. I am just curious how past applicants applied. I know I can always call the Michigan Board of Nursing, but thought I would look first here. Thanks!
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    Hi Pooks,

    I am from Canada too and have applied for a MI license. It is pending right now, but I should have it very soon. I am just wondering if you have applied for any jobs lately and how you find the job market?