hospitals currently hiring CNAs or PCTS?

  1. Anyone know of hospitals in southeast michigan currently hiring CNA's or PCT's or PCA's or something similar?

    Any information would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   ZooMommyRN
    Check the U of M webpage frequently, I'm in my 2nd week of nursing orientation there,and during week 1 there were quite a few PCT's and with the new hospital opening yesterday there may still be spots to fill in the future.
  4. by   MInursingstudent
    I have been looking for the past few weeks and applied to at least 30 positions with no call back. I just finished my first year of my nursing program today and was hoping to start a Tech/PCT/Aide position over winter break or the start of next semester.

    I have been looking on U of M's website but haven't seen any open up. I'll keep checking over the next few weeks. Good luck to you both!
  5. by   Aryn626
    St Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor has several PCT jobs listed on their website. several different hours and units. Good luck!