Drug testing suggestions

  1. After a lot of research I found that not many Drug testing companies have web sites. Does anyone have any advice on where they had their's done and pricing??? (Mine is for Wayne States Nursing Program). Thanks
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  3. by   WayneStateKatie
    Go to Wayne's Student Health center. It's only like 20 bucks or so. Seriously you will not find a cheaper one anywhere I can guarantee you that. Private companies and your own primary care provider will charge you an arm and a leg. Even if you have insurance it's nothing that's covered and people who went to PCPs thinking it would be cheaper were sadly mistaken when they got out of pocket bills for $100+. Plus you know since it's from Wayne that it covers all substances they want tested; some people who got one elsewhere had to get a new urine drug screen if it didn't cover all substances they wanted you tested for. Just my two cents....
  4. by   grudgrime
    Katie - Thanks so much!! I was going to go there for my immunizations so that will work outgreat. You are such a huge help. I hope I get the chance to meet you around campus one day to thank you personally!