1. 0 I wanted to know about dorsey LPN program. Have anybody attended and how much is it? help?? Thinking about going
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    I got to dorsey now I'm 6 months in and I graduate in December. Thank God... the program is accelerated so don't expect nothing less. Its abt 28k but with grants and MiWorks funding←←free $$ I think I took out a 11k loan. Its in madison heights just have your stuff together and be ready for sudden changes I like Dorsey its close to home and the instructors are good.
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    How does the miworks nwlb work? How long does it take to get a loan from mw?
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    Hello, I will be starting Dorsey program in April. I dropped down to part time afternoons 3-11pm..but thinking about going contingent for study purposes. Did you work part time or contingent while in the program? What were the hrs for clinical, and how did you like the program overall?
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    You ladies that went through Dorsey recently!! Is it worth the time and effort put forth? The money?

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