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Completion from RN to cardiology specialist

  1. 0 My hasband study in Michigen and I have RN ,now I am looking to complete my study in cardiac specialist can any one tell me if there is this specialist for the one who have RN .If any one know university having this programe please answer me Thank you alot
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    There are some certifications for cardiac RNs...there is the CVRN, RN-BC for cardiovascular nursing (Cardiac-Vascular Nursing - American Nurses Credentialing Center - ANCC), CMC (cardiac medicine certified) and CSC (cardiac surgery certified), the latter two offered through the AACN or American Association for Critical Care Nurses. These certifications require a year or two of full-time nursing experience caring for cardiac patients, though.
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    Do they give dobloma or bacholar , becz our country don not send people for study for certificate .