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CNA training southeast MI?

  1. 0 Can someone give me information regarding CNA classes in southeastern michigan? I want to get certified as a CNA because I eventually want a hospital job!

    Anyone know of places that I get get my CNA certification and any information regarding these courses (dates, costs, duration, etc? Especially COST lol )

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    Wayne County Comm College has a class, 10 weeks I think. The Red Cross also offers training. I would think either of these would be less expensive than any of the "for-profit" schools.
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    Health Care Solutions on McNichols in Detroit is a good place. I went there about 3 yrs ago. family and friends went also. Cost only $575 (had a payment plan also ) teachers great, only took 2 weeks. I took day class, but they have evenings too. Passed state exam first time. Highly recommend.