CNA/PCT jobs in the hospital

  1. I've been appyling like crazy for Nursing Assistant and Patient Care Tech jobs! Any advice on how to land one??
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  3. by   werty86
    what kind of background do you have? do you have prior experience as a nursing assistant? are you certified? did you take a nursing assistant course? are you pursuing nursing school? do you know anyone that works as a nursing assistant in the hospital? do you apply on the hospital websites?

    i had no relevant experience... except that i'm pursuing nursing school.. i applied for a couple of months... and no luck.. do i took a nursing assistant course.. still applying for jobs... and after i completed my na course... got 3 interviews within weeks of each other at major hospitals.. and now work as one..

    good luck to you!
  4. by   MrsClarkRN
    Wow whats awesome! How do you like it?

    I have over a year experience as a home care CNA. I have my certification, currently in nursing school, finished my first clinical rotation and I've been applying to the hospital websites everyday!! I don't know anyone in the hospital though so that sucks!
  5. by   MrsClarkRN
    After THREE MONTHS of searching for jobs EVERYDAY...I FINALLY got a job at Beaumont!!

    Don't give up guys!