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Baker College Flint Nursing Program Schedule

  1. 0 Can anyone tell me if the nursing program is year round when you start in the Fall, or is that only in the Spring?
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    When you start in fall, you will have summers off. Spring is all year round. I would have preferred all year round. Having four months off for summer really makes it hard returning and skills become a bit "rusty".
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    Same for me. I had the summer off and I would have just rather went straight through and graduated. Have you gotten into the program yet?
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    Not yet. I'll be applying this Spring for a Fall start (hopefully). Normally, I'd like to go year round and get it out of the way, but this is a busy couple of Summers with my kids. I'd have to miss a lot with them if I had clinicals in the Summer. So on a personal level this works out great. Proffessionally, it'll be a bit tricky, but it's worth it to me. Thanks so much for your replies. This message board is such a valuable source of information.