Baker-Allen Park

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    Anyone else "conditionally accepted" to start classes Winter 2013??
    I'm excited to know who my potential classmates are!

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    So excited to find someone on here from baker allen park. While I was waiting on the acceptance letter I searched this site everyday to find someone from the same place. I am also at the Allen Park campus super excited to get classes started. Congrats
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    Oh yay!! I was beginning to think that no one from our class was on this site I'm super excited for classes to start too, but I'm also VERY nervous. I'm trying to review patho and get a head start on pharm before the program actually starts.
    I can't wait to buy all of the "nursey" school supplies we will need.

    Congrats to you too!!
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    it's getting closier so excited to buy the nursing things too!! see ya on Friday

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